Nice article about female musicians

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Here is a nice article (in hebrew) about female musicians featuring noa and the carsitters, published at walla


The Carsitters on the American Apparel website

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Check out this cool blog entry at the American Apparel blog website.
There is a very cool live video from our last show edited by Tesha group
Drop a nice comment ! Wink



Live video on youtube

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Check out this live video from the band last show. 
"Boy Meets Girl"  is a new song that will probably make it to our new album!
This is the first time we ever played this song live! Click here  

You may also want to check our page on youtube for some more live videos.



Our music producer

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It's decided.Our chosen  music producer for the new coming CD is the amazing Patrick Sebag. Patrick is well known in Israel for his history in the music business in Israeli bands and as a producer ,as the owner of PAPA studios and the new TESHA records company.Lately he was chosen to be the main music producer and recorder of the world wide famous " LAYA" Project. He is going to make an excelent job on the new cd and we can't wait to give him full control of our body and soul...


Our new CD !

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well,we have been waiting for this for quite a long time and its about to start happening. This August we will start the recording of our new full length CD which will be out in November or sooner.We have been writing a lot of new songs inspired by the latest year and the last period of time in our lifes and more songs are on the way all the time as we just can't stop writing.

We are very happy and feels like a new baby on the way and we have been waiting for more then 9 months so our belly is full and  ready to give birth.

We hope you are ready 'cause this CD is going to blow you to the moon and back,keep your self posted on reliese dates and new songs on the website because you can be the first one to hear it...


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