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First single is out!

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We finally released our first single "All Eyes On Me" last week and it is slowly starting to play in radio stations in Israel,
If you hear it, make sure you turn the radio as loud as you can, sing along, put a smile on your face and do the Carsidance !
(I don't know what it is exactly but film yourself dancing and send it to us, we promise to put it on our website J)

You can hear it HERE 




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"All Eyes On Me" is the opening theme for the new TV series that will start running June 6 2009 on Israeli television (channel 8), we are happy to contribute from our music to the show and can't wait to see it!
The series is about people who are in crossroads in their lifes and would like to explore the ecological way, together they go out on a road trip across Israel in search for a change. On the road they meet with inspirational people from all walks of life who've changed their lives and gone “green”. On the course of the trip and through their encounters, the three discover answers to questions they didn't quite realize they went out to seek.
Enjoy and watch the show!


Song 2 (Blur Cover)

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For the 60th Birthday of Israel, we were asked by an Israeli radio station to do a cover song for a British band, after going through all the British bands we love so much, we decided to go on a kick ass rock'n'roll song by BLUR! Song 2. BUT, we decided to do it with a twist, so we took this "all distortions and big chaos" song and made it acoustic and gentle .sounds surprising? Please, take the next minutes to enjoy our small tribute to such a big band. Oh, and this might be the first time you understand the words...


All Eyes on Taglit

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Another happy occasion is that Taglit (Birth right Israel) selected our song "All eyes on me" for their song of 2008 and Israel's 60th birthday (yes we are old, but we know how to Rock'n'roll), So what you are about to see is 2 cute Israeli girls (tasha and dishka) doing lip sing to our song, in its completely new version (almost the same one we are going to put on the new CD) ,check out the video and please, leave a note in youtube, jewtube, facebook, myspace or any other social network we are in , it will mean a lot to us !



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