Get ready! Its on the 26th of August!!!

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Our new CD is already printed!!!  So come and get your own copy on the 26th of august at the BARBY!



Walla in the game

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Check out our new Video game for "Boy Meets Girl"!
Collect more then 60 points and get to download a free mp3 of it! click here to start playing!  

And here is a something Walla! wrote about the game:



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Check out this link :

A little Interview with Noa about our new single "Boy Meets Girl!"



Happy Together

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Today at 18:30 (Israel time) you might a catch an interview with  Noa and Yoav at 106fm.yea! both togther! :)
You may hear it online here:



Boy Meets Girl - New Single!

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Our second single from the upcoming album "No Time" is about to be released this week!

Be sure to check it out here first! bmg.png



Vote for "All Eyes On Me" on 96fm!

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Please go in to the following link and vote for us,
This is how charts work these days,If we won't get enough votes, we won't be played,
so, all you have to do is go in, mark the song,fill in your details,
and smile,cause you are now, a better person,just for helping us! :)


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